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Illustration of an eight-member group’s model results.

Modeling and managing behavior change in groups: A Boolean network method

2024-04-03 11:22 AM
Social influence processes can induce desired or undesired behavior change in individual members of a group. Empirical modeling of group processes and the design of network-based interventions meant to promote desired behavior change is somewhat limited because the models often assume that the social influence is assimilative only and that the networks are not fully connected.

Climate Impacts of Digital Use Supply Chains

2024-04-01 8:45 PM
Information and communications technology (ICT) has become an indispensable part of our lives. Prior research on climate impact of ICT devices and services mostly makes use of life cycle assessment and energy modeling frameworks focused on embodied greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.
Poster for Data Democracy

Data Democracy

2024-01-24 12:52 PM
Data live in graphs and statistics.

Data Science & Aging

2024-01-10 10:51 AM
Have you ever wondered about the cutting-edge world of aging research? Is it about the quest for immortality, or perhaps revolutionizing geriatric healthcare? How do academic and industry perspectives differ in dealing with this vital challenge?

Stanford Mini-Conference on Longitudinal Methods

2023-12-05 1:25 PM
Presentations developed in conjunction with COMM 365/PSYCH 289 Longitudinal Data Analysis in Social Science Research (Instructor Prof Nilam Ram).

Winter 2024 Class: Ensemble Sonification Of Temporal Data

2023-11-16 10:33 AM
An ensemble course with research components for making data-driven music. Improvised and composed pieces make use of large, time-based data sets chronicling humans' digital-life and real-life experiences, and explore how temporal data can be transformed into live musical performances.

Time for Change

2023-09-27 7:44 PM
The devices in our pockets and on our wrists often demand our immediate attention. They also facilitate full-scale reconsideration of how we study and optimize human behavior.

The Affective Dynamics of Everyday Digital Life: Opening Computational Possibility

2023-06-01 10:55 AM
Up to now, there was no way to observe and track the affective impacts of the massive amount of complex visual stimuli that people encounter “in the wild” during their many hours of digital life.
WIKI Image Long Beach, CA, USA

The Change Lab Goes To The Affective Science Annual Conference 2023 in Long Beach, CA

2023-04-01 2:42 PM
Developmental Change in Infants’ Emotion Regulation Readiness and Regulation Proclivity; Tracking Divergence of Well-Being across Time; and Change in Affect as Individuals Move Through Physical and Digital Green Space in Everyday Life.

Chapter 3b: Linear Growth Models in R using MLM

2022-10-26 10:25 AM
Files Linear Growth Model – Multilevel Modeling Implementation in R