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Area Under the Curve

Area Under the Curve

2023-12-08 11:14 AM
Area Under the Curve

The Cortisol Data: Growth Models

2023-11-29 10:06 AM
Simple to Complex
Area Under the Curve

The Cortisol Data

2023-11-28 6:40 PM
The Cortisol Data is an N = 34, T = 9 time points data set we have used to illustrate a variety of growth modeling and mixture modeling methods. The data are shared with intent that others may find them useful for learning about growth modeling or developing new methods for analysis of change. New… Read more The Cortisol Data

The AMIB Data

2023-02-08 7:48 PM
A Multiple Time-scale Experience Sampling Study The AMIB Data, collected as part of a multiple time-scale study, are useful for illustrating a variety of methods for modeling of intensive longitudinal data. The data include person-level dispositions, daily diary assessments, and ecological momentary assessments that were obtained after everyday social interactions (event-contingent sampling). The data are shared with intent to facilitate… Read more The AMIB Data